Core Handling Systems

On customer request, SUZHU supply core machines are equipped with integrated automated core handling systems with robots and data transfer.

SUZHU produces handling systems based on industrial robots ABB or KUKA and keeps long-term cooperation with booth companies as a certified supplier. SUZHU develops and builds its own core grippers accordingly to the customer’s request.

Core handling systems include partially automation or fully cycle of automation:

core picking up by robot with special SUZHU gripper
core painting including paint batch with paint mixing pump
core drying oven continuously working, temperature programmable in selected areas, electric or gas
core transportation system with roller conveyors and transfer cars, core pallets
core storage fully automatic including storage software
core setting by robots laser check of core and mould surface and positioning according really mould location
core setting especially for green sand lines (automotive) by traditional core setting devices
data transfer core making and storage conditions and connection with mould or casting number


Core taking device by robots with SUZHU grippers


Core pick-up from core box by robot

Core machines Z84 series

  • with central sand mixer and sand supply
  • with automation of core picking-up, painting and core transport system

Automatic handling system for central cores for Railway castings bolster and frame, including

  • continuous core drying oven
  • storage including storage software and core lifetime supervision
  • transport to moulding line
  • core setting robot with laser check of core and mould surface and positioning according to really location of mould
  • core data transfer

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