Cold Box core machines

Since 1991 SUZHU is providing Cold Box core machines together with all necessary equipment (sand mixers, gas generators for Triethylamin TEA, core shooters, scrubbers) as well as core handling systems (picking up, painting, drying, storing and transport, core setting into mould with complete automation).

The large machines (Z84200) work with Vacuum core process, using Cold Box Amin process or Water Glass process.

Overview Cold Box Core machines

Model Shooting head volume / core weight Type of cores Technology
25 L to 160 L Middle size and large cores Cold Box Amin
Z84200 200 L Very large cores, up to 2700 mm core length (especially Railway bolster and frame) Cold Box Amin Vacuum
Water Glass Vacuum
Z84800 800 L Core package moulding
Extremely large cores
Cold Box Amin,
optional with Vacuum
Z8415 Max. 15 kg Small cores Cold Box Amin
Z843 Max. 3 kg Very small cores Cold Box Amin

All core machines are complete assembled at the SUZHU shop and undergo test runs before delivery, on customer request with core sand and customers core boxe

SUZHU core machines use a modern first class component basis of producers with worldwide Service:

–     SIEMENS S7 with touch screen and network Ethernet etc  SIEMENS
 –     Servomotors  SEW or SIEMENS
 –     low voltage electric components  SIEMENS or SCHNEIDER
 –     pneumatic  FESTO
 –     hydraulic valves and pumps  REXROTH or PARKER
 –     hydraulic cylinders with Glyd Ring and Step Seal sealing  PARKER
 –     high-pressure flexible pipes and    pipe adapters EO-2 type  PARKER
 –     slide parts with self-lubricating material; bearings with self-sealing technology

Other first class component suppliers may be adopted on customer request, depended of machine type and technical Progress.