Core machines Z8415

– for small cores less than 15 kg

SUZHU did develop Z8415 for production of small cores less than 15 kg with Cold Box Amin technology.

The Z84 machines works fully automatic with sand shooting and gas injection; are easily operated and PLC controlled with man-machine interface for setting and control of machine parameters. Z8415 machines use a horizontally parted machine table for horizontal parted cores.

The design of Z84 core machines allows to work without foundation pit underneath of machine, the shooting head moving down, the machine operates pneumatically.


Technical characteristic of Cold Box core machine Z8415

Max. core weight Kg 15
Max. size of core box mm 540x400x100/240
Dimension of working table mm 700×510
Distance between working table and shooting head mm 585
Capacity of sand hopper litre 45
Compressed air pressure MPa 0.63
Overall size of machine mm 1768x770x2882
Overall weight of machine kg ~2000