Core production technologies

SUZHU provides core machines, including sand preparation, gas generation and utilisation, working with different Technologies:

–    Cold Box Amin process  since 2008
 –   Cold Box Amin Vacuum process  since 1991
 –   Water glass Vacuum core process  since 2008
 –   Hot Box process  since the 1970’s
 –   Shell Core process  since the 1970’s

Vacuum core process             – special technology for large cores

On request of Chinese and American waggon, casting producers SUZHU developed the special Vacuum core process technology for mass production of monolith central cores for bolster and frame casting, which is also used for production of other large cores.

Advantages of the Vacuum core process are decrease of content of binder up to 50% and decrease of Amin or CO2 consumption. In practice, the process works with Amin-Technology as well as with Water glass-Technology, which is mostly favoured by steel foundries.

Core package moulds

Suzhu developed its new machine Z84800 with shooting head volume of 800 litres. The first machine started work in summer 2015. The technology is based on Cold Box Amin process, optional with Vacuum.