Sand mixing systems Sand/Gas

On customer request the core machine Z84 series as well as Z84200, Z84800 and others are supplied in conjunction with SUZHU auxiliary equipment:

Full automatic sand mixing system with bowl mixer model S, automatic resin, curing agent and sand dosing. Automatically cleaning from remaining sand. Control connection with core machines PLC.

As centralized system with one mixer serving several core machines by sand transfer truck or as individual mixers for each core machine.

Productivity 3 to 8 t/hour
mixing volume  60 to 200 kg per batch
batch mixing time  30 sec
cycle time  60 to 70 sec

Amin process gas generators and gas washers / scrubbers

gas generators model SG for Triethylamin TEA and scrubber, as centralized system serving several core machines or individually for each core machine


Core machines Z84 series with central sand mixer and sand supply