Core machines Z84200

Vacuum cores – for very large cores

Shooting head volume 200 litre

Multiple shooting per core

Core length up to 2700 mm

Vacuum core process
with Cold Box Amin process
Water Glass process

On request of Chinese and American waggon casting producers SUZHU developed the special technology Vacuum core process for mass production of monolith central cores for bolster and frame casting.

Chinese Railway foundries as well as ABC America Standard Car Zhuzhou Company are working with Z84200 machines, with Amin-Technology as well as with non-organic Water glass-Technology

Technical Data Z84200



Core for bolster and frame Chinese Railway, length approx. 2500 / 2300 mm

Advantages of the Vacuum core process:

  • Decrease of content of binder up to 50% and decrease of Amin or CO2 consumption
  • Collapse characteristic of cores after pouring are increased

The Z84200 machine has special applications for Railway waggon castings bolster and frame, such as

  • Skeleton inside of core for increase of core handling stability
  • Core may get a shell of zircon sand
  • Core may be produced with metal chills at lower and upper core surface

Big-Cylinder-Block-Core-460x330_03 Hook-Core-140x140_03

In addition, at Z84200 machines with Vacuum core technology are produced other large cores, such as large engine block cores and hooks

small foundation pit underneath the machine

Foundation pit for core box – transfer car is approx. 500 mm. The machine table is not lifting up; instead, the shooting head is moving down.

easy and free access

All the important parts for maintenance (hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic valves and electric control parts) are easy and freely accessible. The shooting head is indexing to filling position with free access for easy sand cleaning.

continuous 24-hour work

The machine frame is extra strong and the machines are suited for continuous 24-hour work.

core boxes of solid steel for mass production The core machines Z84200 are suited for use of solid core boxes from steel to ensure lowest possible tool wearing in mass production conditions.

full automatic work

The Z84200 machines work full automatic with sand shooting and gas injection, core removal ejection.


The Z84200 machines may be equipped on customer request with automatic core box cleaning, automatic core box parting agent injection, fast pattern exchange, robots for core picking-up etc.

Technical characteristics Core machines Z84200

Parameter Unit
Shooting head volume liter 200
Maximum external size of core box mm 2800×960×1100
Shooting area size mm 2700×760
Blowing area size mm 2680×720
Stroke of upwards core ejection cylinder mm 115
Stroke of downwards core ejection cylinder mm 300
Maximum clamping force of core box KN 600
Maximum upwards core ejection force KN 160
Maximum downwards core ejection force KN 200
Oil pressure MPa 10~12.5
Supercharge oil pressure MPa 16
Compressed air pressure MPa 0.5~0.6
Electrical power connection KW 60
Hydraulic pump power connection KW 30
Productivity* with Cold Box Amin process cycles/h 20, up to 30 under special conditions
Productivity* with Water Glass pr. cycles/h 8
Machine weigth



* Productivity is a maximal number shown and is not guaranteed. It is dependent of the real used time for core removal (manually or by robot) and other manual works, as well as time selected by the customer for sand shooting, gassing and degassing of core.

Core Handling

Automatic handling system for central cores for Railway castings bolster and frame, including

  • continuous core drying oven
  • storage including storage software and core lifetime supervision
  • transport to moulding line
  • core setting robot with laser check of core and mould surface and positioning according to really location of mould
  • core data transfer

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