Grinding Machines QMH

– for brake discs, brake drums / wheel hubs

The Grinding Machine model QMH is suitable for high efficiency grinding and de-burring of inside and outside of brake discs, wheel hubs and similar round castings.

The machine achieves a high productivity with high repeatable accuracy. It is working with diamond grinding wheels of high lifetime and by reduced dust development. It is not necessary to re-adjust the tool location, no wear compensation.

The machine works fully automatic, with PLC control and servo-drives, without hydraulic system and is supplied with the appropriate safety devices.

The Grinding Machines are based on first-class components of producers with worldwide Service:

linear guide and ball screw drive REXROTH
servo-drives SIEMENS
electric drive motors SEW
electronic control system SIEMENS
low voltage electric components SIEMENS or SCHNEIDER
pneumatic components FESTO
drive motor ABB
diamond grinding wheels

Technical characteristic QMH

Parameter Unit for wheel hubs for brake discs
Model QMH50A QMH50B
Max. size of casting (DxH) mm 500×400 500×100
Max. weight of casting kg 80 40
Productivity, up to pcs./hr 240 600
Compressed air pressure MPa 0.6 0.6
Electric power connection kW 60 60
Weight of machine Kg 12000 12000
Size of machine mm 5000x3200x3200 5000x3200x3200