Grinding Machines

Grinding Machines QMZ for Pipe Couplings

The Grinding Machine model QMZ is suitable for grinding and de-burring of pipe couplings and similar castings.

The machine works with continuous grinding – four grinding wheels grind the flash as well as residual roots from the four surfaces of the castings at the same time, which results in high production efficiency.

The cycle time may be step less adjusted by AC converter according to operator’s proficiency. The machine drives are mechanical without hydraulic and pneumatic system.

Due to diamond grinding wheels of high lifetime and by reduced dust development it is not necessary to re-adjust the tool location, no wear compensation.

The machine is supplied with the appropriate safety devices and enclosure, which may be connected to a dedusting system. Machine design is compact with small foundation footprint.

Special Grinding Machine based on:

electric motor  China
low voltage electric components  SIEMENS oder
diamond grinding wheels

Technical characteristic  QMZ

Parameter Unit  
Type of casting Pipe couplings
Productivity, up to pcs./hr 720
Castings at turntable pcs. 12
Compressed air MPa 0.6
Electric power connection kW 20
Weight of machine Kg 8000
Size of machine mm 2400x2600x1640