Surface grinding machine model QMP

– for plane surfaces of engine blocks and heads

The Surface grinding machine model QMP is suitable for grinding and de-burring of plane surfaces of cylinder blocks, cylinder heads and similar castings.

The machine is numeric controlled and uses four servo axes, among which three axes are linked together. The machine works with three diamond grinding wheels of high lifetime and rapidly and thoroughly clean up the burr on plane casting surface. It is not necessary to re-adjust the tool location, no wear compensation.

The Surface grinding machine is supplied with the appropriate safety devices and enclosure, which shall be connected to a dedusting System.

Surface grinding machine uses first-class components of producers with worldwide service:

linear guide and ball screw drive REXROTH
servo-drives SIEMENS
electronic control system SIEMENS
low voltage electric components SIEMENS or SCHNEIDR
pneumatic components FESTO
diamond grinding wheels


Machine contains of four-station turntable for castings loading, upper plane surface grinding, four front face grinding, castings discharging. The machine is suited for rapid replacement of tools.

Different grinding databases are programmed in the software according to the users’ different products so that the workers just need to switch when a change of grinded castings is made, which reduces the dependence on workers’ professional knowledge.

Technical characteristic QMP

Parameter Unit  
Productivity, up to pcs./hr 80
Max. size of casting (LxWxH) mm 1050x360x270
Compressed air pressure MPa 0.6
Compressed air consumption ltr./min 4
Electric power connection kW 150
Weight of machine Kg 13000
Size of machine mm 5500x4850x2500