Integrated Automation

Core – Handling – Moulding – Pouring – Grinding – Fettling


Guangdong FUWA Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd.

Flask inner size                 2500 x 900 x 400/350 mm

productivity                       maximum 42 complete moulds per hour reached

products                             axle housings, brake drums, hubs and other automotive parts


Core production at SUZHU core machine Z84160,

160 litre Cold-Box-Amin.

Automatic SUZHU core setter into moulds, made by SUZHU automatic moulding plant.

Pouring by SUZHU Pouring crane with automatic bottom pouring from 10-tonn ladles, with automatic positioning over moulds in two pouring lines, with automatic pouring process (including stopper rod opening) and data connection with moulding plant.

Casting fettling by automatic SUZHU fettling line with shot blast, grinding and casting inspection.