Automatic airflow green sand moulding lines

Boqiang MGM-MM9 Front




Since the 1960’s SUZHU is providing automatic moulding lines. The first air impact moulding line has been produced in 1989 and in 2004; the fully automatic airflow and squeeze tight flask moulding lines were introduced to the market. These had been developed independently by the own large and experienced SUZHU design office.

SUZHU moulding lines are complemented on customer’s request by German made MGM moulding machines to fully automatic green sand moulding lines SUZHU – MGM.

Tight flask moulding line SUZHU – MGM working at Boqiang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Flask size                             940 x 660 x 280/280 mm
Productivity                        120 complete moulds / hour
Compaction                        airflow and squeeze with multi-ram press

The design of the moulding machine MGM-SM involves an extra strong execution of the machine frame to avoid any vibration during the fast shuttle movement of compaction head. This increases the stability and lifetime of the entire machine.



Guangdong FUWA Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd.

Flask inner size                              2500 x 900 x 400/350 mm
productivity reached                     max. 42 complete moulds per hour
products                                           axle housings, brake drums, hubs and
other automotive parts


Exothermic risers set to cope pattern

Compaction of cope mould may be set softer than compaction of drag mould.


Cope mould for double axle housing with mould-in exothermic risers.


Inspection of core setting, executed by automatic core setter.

The cores have been produced at SUZHU with the core machine Z84160, 160 litre Cold-Box-Amin.

The pouring of moulds will be executed by the SUZHU Pouring crane with automatic bottom pouring from 10-tonn ladles, with automatic positioning over moulds in two pouring lines and with automatic pouring (including stopper rod opening).

Pictures by courtesy of
Guangdong FUWA Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd.

Unique design of multiram press




For easy maintenance and free access to the hydraulic cylinders SUZHU airflow squeeze green sand moulding machines use a unique design of the multi-ram squeeze head, fixing the hydraulic cylinders to a thick, machined steel plate. In case of necessary maintenance, standard welding may repair this basis steel plate; and cylinders may be exchanged easy and individually.

The hydraulic cylinders of the multiram press are individually controlled and use connected hydraulic oil flow to reach equal squeezing pressure for even compaction of the mould.

Compaction of cope and drag mould may be varied to reach a higher gas permeability of cope mould as well as to work with exothermic feeders The compaction parameters, prepared by the technology department or set during production are stored in the moulding plant software.

Component basis

SUZHU moulding lines use a modern first class component basis of producers with worldwide Service

  • PLC SIEMENS S7 with touch screen panels with network Ethernet   SIEMENS
  • Servomotors                                                                                                     SEW or SIEMENS
  • low voltage electric components                                                                  SIEMENS or SCHNEIDER
  • pneumatic                                                                                                         FESTO
  • hydraulic valves and pumps                                                                         REXROTH or PARKER
  • hydraulic cylinders with Glyd Ring and Step Seal sealing                     PARKER
  • high-pressure flexible pipes and                pipe adapters EO-2 type     PARKER
  • slide parts with self-lubricating material; bearings with self-sealing technology

Other first class component suppliers may be adopted on customer request, depended of machine type and technical progress.

Control system and software

The control system and software are designed by SUZHUs own specialists on basis of free programmable Siemens controller with Ethernet or other network communication, using touch screens. These assure that analysis of production, diagnostic of actually failures as well as research over a defined production period is executed at the moulding plant. Access to the moulding line control system and analysis is possible directly at the foundry floor as well as from office work places – as per customer’s request.