Jolt-Squeezing Moulding Machines

Since more than 50 years, SUZHU has produced independently working moulding machines and supplied thousands of those. They may work together with mechanization and automation of flask and mould transportation or with manual / crane transport operation. The machines are equipped with lifting pins and may be adapted with side roll ejection or roller lifting.

For simple operation, convenient and easy maintenance and high quality of sand moulds SUZHU continues to produces the classical pneumatic shock less jolt squeeze machines. They use buffer springs to reduce the load on foundation.

Technical characteristic of jolt squeeze moulding machines

Type Flask inside,
Output, half moulds/h
Z145Jx 500 x 400 x 200 40 – 60 – C-column design, Flat squeeze plate,
– Pneumatic operated
ZB1410 Min. 900 x 700

Max. 1400 x 900

– C-column design, Flat squeeze plate
– PLC controlled, semiautomatic and manual operation
Z1410A 1000 x 800 x 350

1200 x 800 x 350

40 – For production of cope and drag at 1 machine
– Suited for castings with complicated cavity
– Dual station turntable, 3-column design
– Pre-jolt and jolt-squeeze with multi-ram press
– Suited for automatic moulding line
SZD0806 800 x 630 x 300 35 – 40 – Suited for castings with complicated cavity
– Jolt-squeeze with multi-ram press
– Special clamping system flask on machine table for increased compaction effect of jolt-squeeze
– Suited for automatic moulding lines

Jolt-Squeeze-SZ0806-12x10 160106

Type SZD0806


Type Z145Jx